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Plus, Steve has a few new models that are nice looking. As a member, you will very likely find that out before me. When you have folks who post with short, critical, uninspired and borderline-troll comments, it does kind of diminish the quality. I tend to agree with your assessment, but there is of course no protection against a witch-hunt.

Our other alternative is to make "porn" a commonplace term and rob it of its shock value. * * * * * Margot: Thank you for another exceptional update, with pictures. Glad to hear things are moving forward and on schedule. But you will have access to the still galleries, and if she has some, they should be good. I am kind of jealous about those Powershotz Delila Darling galleries, though.If anyone else here is a member of that site, and has some good recommendations, post'm up, I find sorting through his selections rather tedious.Brutus wrote: John M: Appreciate the details on the limits producers face in their work.Real sex should not make any difference and, there are plenty of established movies that have existed for years that I could defer any critics too. My feeling is there is no limit to what could be shown as long as it is fake, the actors are adults and everyone has consented. There are a few elements here and there where the actress has wanted some more intensity to help her reactions.Obviously, there are some social taboos that I would stay away from. A few whippings, a few stranglings, a few belly punchings. Ginger is a crier---really cries and really gets into it.

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