Can dating ultrasound be wrong

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Have a question only you 2nd (or 3rd) tri ladies can answer....Anyone got an early dating ultrasound only to find at the 18-20 week one that the dates were off significantly (a week or more)?And that would have been 3 weeks ahead if I had changed my dates based on the first scan.Those early scans aren't that accurate imho and it would seem the 12 week one isn't that accurate either.I posted a few days ago about having an ultrasound done at 9wk 1d and the baby not having a heartbeat. I have seen multiple wrong ultra sounds in my years! They told me that she had a birth defect and she did not. 6 weeks ago I went for an ultrasound because of bleeding and the results came back that the embryo was 7 weeks and had no heart beat and I was told I would miscarry. I kept telling my doctor that but they said the tech couldn't have been so wrong.

I also had other discrepancies suggesting a miscarriage, as the size of the embryo showed 6wks and the sac showed 8wks4days.My bump today looks the same as my 5.5-6 month bump did with my son!Second, I feel soooo much fluttering, which I believe would be really early for the stage I am now, but I know the difference in fluttering and other internal rumblings and these are FLUTTERS.Obviously, it may run in your family to have bigger babies, or vise versa, and by this point, your baby is likely to have inherited that as well..My husband was a 10 lb baby, so they were expecting my little boy to measure on the big side as well on his 18 weeks scan, and sure enough he did. they can get it wrong my first scan the sonographer said I was being put back from 13 weeks to 11 weeks. From my LMP I was due 11th March First scan at what I thought was 6 3 was put back to 6 1 13th March Second scan 8 5 was put forward to 9 1 ie march 7th Third scan 11 4 was put forward again to 6th March Final dating scan at 12 2 Put forward to 12 5 and now due March 3rd.

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