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Anyways, I was at a seminar awhile back, listening to a short, fat, dumpy guy speak on the subject of advertising.What this guy had to say about what makes people “tick” was truly amazing…She really likes being my “adventure partner” (just like John taught me she would), and our “relationship” is completely stress free. But I decided I had nothing to lose, so I recently tried them in a popular local bar.

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And ever since then, the results have been phenomenal, as you just saw.” …It works for every man because you are already born with natural attraction that is genetically designed to “flip on” the biological attraction triggers in women.I put his secrets to work the very next day with one of the seminar attendees (an attractive real estate investor named Kat), and I was astounded by the results.I routinely blow wads of cash on books, tapes, CD’s, courses, and high priced events.I’m what you might call a “seminar junkie”—if there’s an event that deals with psychology or human behavior in any way, shape or form, I’m there.

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