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Moving away from the psychological factors at work here, infatuation in general can be a dangerous thing.

It causes you to put him on a pedestal and overlook his flaws.

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It’s a fear you can’t quite shake no matter how promising the situation looks, a fear that drives everything you say and do. You meet a guy, you think he’s nice and all, you have good conversation, he gets your number, and while you’re pleased, you don’t go into a tizzy over it.I mean, would any of us have cared for “The Notebook” if Ali and Noah were of the same social status, went on a few lukewarm dates, then got to know each other and developed a deepening connection over time? I hate to do this to you, but I’m gonna take the romance right out of those dramatic relationships where you get engulfed in your feelings for the other person.In most cases, the pull we feel to another person is guided by our unconscious desire to rectify some issue from our past.Since he’s so “perfect” you become afraid to be yourself–I mean, how could your true self MORE: Infatuation…the Silent Relationship Killer You don’t want to say the wrong thing and scare him off, so you aren’t genuine in your interactions.You rely on his approval so desperately that you also become a bit needy.

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