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Windows xp is the biggest threat on your network considering it's basically been unpatched by microsoft for 3 years now.

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this way the windows xp pc has internet, and everyone else can go without worrying about crypto/ransomware bugs that the windows xp pc will inevitably invite into your home.Forced by needs of two people to have Windows 10 and Windows XP on the same network.Both need to have internet access and share a ill get " we all told you so" To answer your original question, sharing the network with XP is the same procedure it has been since Windows Vista: Leave the Homegroup if in one, as XP doesn't understand them under Advanced Sharing Settings change from "Allow Windows to manage connections" to "Use user accounts" instead Under System-Computer Name make sure Workgroup name is the same on both I assume the XP machine will be used to visit very few websites directly.Have the XP machine save the files to a network drive, then use the Win 10 machine to work with the files.

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