Play 2 hours on karkand not updating

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The idea is it’ll cut out time wasting and lead to a greater chance of a connection..

You fill in your details like you would with any other app, but then your phone’s location smarts kick in and you’re shown people who are nearby.

But for developer DICE, the job is only half finished. We don't want people to have an excuse to stop playing it. That's how we've always felt with all Battlefield games, actually. Again, the game wasn't that bad, because then people wouldn't have played it at all. Even your friends at Eurogamer were playing it when they got the patch, so they did notice the difference. I want to improve and do better, and it feels like our fans are actually aware of that. We know Battlefield is not a game where you just release it and then move on to something else. Actually, it's the most popular map on all platforms. Battlefield has great guns, great movement, we have all these things including destruction that should make this a better experience.

Major expansions have been announced, and one of them, Close Quarters, is out in June. So I want to stick to what I promised and deliver something. A few hardcore Battlefield players at Eurogamer believe that with the release of the latest patch, it's finally the game they had hoped for from the beginning, that it's now the game it should have been at launch. They know if we give them feedback, if you talk about these things, if you bring it up, if you point out issues, they will probably fix it. It's a game where you need to have a team that works on it post-launch. The Close Quarters DLC is infantry focused and a bit more run and gun - not what we're used to from the traditional, open Battlefield experience.

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We designed Bumble to be a platform that encourages positive, impactful interactions in love, friendship, and now business, the company said in an online statement Monday.

Last time the FULL pull down was offline took 5 days to resolve.

Maybe you could use this 24 hours to go out to a bar and try to get a real life girl to kiss you.Here will be all the apps connected up to your Facebook account, tap on Tinder and scroll to the bottom of the next page upload photo dating pro.Prev Page 14 of 15 Next Next Have you ever been texting someone lovely or on a great date with someone to then find out the next time you meet that you’ve got absolutely zilch in common. For comparison, people spend more than 50 minutes a day on Facebook and Instagram combined, according to Facebook s 2016 Q1 its hard to tell at this point which catagry your stats will fall into. This is the worst lag to stats I have ever experianced that wasn't talked about by dozens of folks at the same time. I am near 45K and really want to roll over SGT/Major before the 9 March release. I think a lot of those who say they care less are playing 6 hours a day and have no other responsibilities. I saw the Gold and then got a Punkbuster problem with server message and dropped from server. same server at 1630 tonight, played to a 119 point gold medal as Engy, but lost the round and now...ya may have lost them or it may just be taking a while. (I have a feeling the ranks are going to be adjusted and I want to get my 50K in so I can say: "Well, I made it the hard way! still, no update of points at all in BFHQ or here (the 4 points show from very first round).

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