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But he was left red-faced after Face ID didn't work on first attempt – instead prompting him to use his passcode During Apple's launch event on Tuesday, Mr Federighi took to the stage to demonstrate Face ID, but was left red-faced after the system didn't work on first attempt – instead prompting him to use his passcode for access.

Last week, Apple has now offered an explanation for this in a statement to Yahoo.

Mr Federighi even went so far as to say that people will soon not be able to live without the feature.

It comes as Apple updates it App Store Review Guidelines to include a variety of changes, including apps being forced to offer an 'alternate authentication method' to Face ID for children under 13.

'This is a profound day.' Apple CEO Tim Cook said his company is standing behind so-called 'Dreamers,' the roughly 800,000 U. residents who were brought to America illegally when they were children. Cook told 'Good Morning America' that he's 'encouraged' by efforts in Congress and at the White House to salvage the DACA program, an Obama-era effort to shield them from deportation and give them work permits.

'These folks – I think this is really important for everybody to understand – these folks came to the country when they were very young,' he said.'Most of them don't even remember coming to the country because they were 1, 2, 3 years old at the time. They're our co-workers,' Cook continued, 'and so we feel it's essential that we not only allow them to stay in our country but we welcome them, that we desire that they be here.''I hope everyone reaches out and meets some of the dreamers, because it will really warm your heart in meeting them.

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He first hit out at the firm's rivals, saying the issue was 'not a problem with us'.'Once you place your face in the phone, it's in the phone - Apple doesn't have it.'We've encrypted in on your device, you make the decisions about who has it, not us We're very protective of our customer's data, we believe that privacy is very important in this world, there are hackers everywhere trying to steal your information. Cook was also asked about the Steve Jobs Theater, and Cook's emotional response to opening the venue to the public for the first time during the Sept. Premise / Mungo the Cook / Naughty Bishop / Naughty Chemist / Nazi / Newsreader / Nurse / Old Gramophone / PA Announcer / Pearson / Pepperpot #2 / Pepperpot #4 / Pier Paolo Pasolini / Police Chief / Policeman / Policeman at Ouija Board / Politician / Priest / Professor Enid Gumby / Professor Sir Adrian Furrows / Professor Tiddles / Prosecuting Counsel / RSM Teaching Self-Defense / Referee / Robber / Roger Last / Roger Thompson / Sam Trench / Second Airline Pilot / Second Major / Second Man / Second Pepperpot / Second Pilot / Second Policeman / Second Presenter / Second Reader / Second Ypres Voice Over / Secret Policeman Bag / Shouting man with handkerchief on his head / Silly Job Interviewer / Silly Walker / Sir George Head / Sir Robert Eversley / Sir Vincent 'Kill the Chaps' Foster / Southerner / Spanish Lecturer / St.Tim Cook has hit back at critics of Apple's Face ID system who claim the technology is a violation of user's privacy.'And so, very few people will pay the full price of the phone initially.'Also, most people actually trade in their current phone, and some carriers throw in subsidies and discounts.'Earlier this week, Craig Federighi, Apple's software engineering chief reassured users that they can easily disable the feature, should they be concerned about it.

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