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They are perpetuating the market in Tiger products, which is the single greatest reason for the endangerment of Tigers. If wildlife and conservation organisations continue to support "Sustainable Use," then "BUSHMEAT" industries and global endangerment's will continue until all the animals have gone.We in the so-called modern world must set the examples.She reels in pain back into the security and familiarity of her home. Struggling and resisting with all her might, the poor helpless girl is dragged to what she fears is certain torture and death.Tearing at the barbs deep in her neck, she feels the strain of a cord running from the barbs to the vehicle and male voices of excitement. Exhausted, breathless, totally blinded by a spotlight thats right in her eyes, she is so weak she can hardly move, so starved for energy and air shes virtually frozen in fear and pain.This current example we've set - that eating, killing and wearing wildlife products is legal and 'sustainable' is obviously the greatest disaster for today's wildlife.

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The young couple posed for a selfie and they both sported green Ring Pops to celebrate the occasion. On July 22, Powell celebrated his girlfriend’s birthday by posting a photo of them together and writing: “Happy Birthday for tomorrow to the kindest, strongest, most beautiful soul I have ever met. The farming, killing, skinning and eating of native animals is a rife and evil industry, which operates under the cloak of science and lies.Crocodilian farmers claim that since they started farming and selling legal skins, meats and products, they have single-handedly saved crocodilian species from endangerment. In the countries that the croc farmers claim success, it's actually established protection laws and enforcement that protects these animals.If we can all refuse to buy, eat or purchase native wildlife products and express our disgust in the industry, then every single person can help slow down this incredibly disastrous wildlife atrocity. In 1997, on a balmy still September night in the tranquil Australian bushland of the Northern Territories Tomkinson River (near the township of Maningrida), a gorgeous 16-year-old girl named Annie is alerted to the dull mechanical thud of a vehicle heading her way.Feeling nervous and a little insecure, Annie quietly slips into her home and listens.

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