Windows reverse dns not updating

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If you are an LIR, you may need to select your default maintainer first, before you can add this attribute.Configure your DNS servers in such a way that you will pass all the tests that we will perform.Before you can submit the domain object to the RIPE Database, you will first have to configure reverse DNS for your zone on at least two name servers.

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For IPv4, the mapping of the reverse address space can only happen on "byte" boundaries, i.e. This means that you should take the four octets – the decimal numbers between the dots - of an IP address range, put them in reverse order and then map them into the domain.It allows you to fill in an IPv4 or IPv6 prefix and the wizard will take care of creating one or multiple reverse zones out of it.After filling in your name servers, the wizard will also perform a basic check to see if the name servers are online.The creation and maintenance of domain objects must be handled by a designated maintainer.You can use an existing maintainer or create a specific one for the people who will be creating and managing domain objects.

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