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And the commercial incentive for Tesco was there – the retailer does stock a reasonable range of halal products.

During Ramadan and Eid, Tesco promote particular items with celebratory banners.

So I’d understand you thinking that Tesco has done a good thing to represent Muslims.

But pay attention to the core messaging of the ad, which begins with the words “turkey, every which way” and ends with “However you do Christmas, we’ve got a turkey for you.

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On first view, you have to hand it to Tesco for representing Britain in all its wonderful diversity.

Everyone’s welcome at Tesco." On You Tube, Tesco captioned the video with: “Every family has a different turkey tale…

However you cook yours – from barbecuing to basting – we’ve got a turkey for you. I rang Tesco to ask about the availability of halal turkey. Tesco customer service told me they don’t sell halal turkey and won’t be making an exception even over the Christmas period.

It doesn't show them celebrating Christmas (the religious aspect) they're just taking part in the holiday festivities and there's nothing wrong EBR00o8d J — sim (@simrahakbar_25) November 10, 2017 I don't know. Some people celebrate the day not the religious aspect. I don't personally see the issue but I get why ppl are mad. Yy35Qz8 — Bonita Samuels (@Bonita Rochelle) November 10, 2017This is the first time that Muslims have been represented by Tesco in a marketing campaign.

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